Airlaid paper

Item No.: 无尘纸
FOB Price:                  Customizable

Min.Order Quantity:    1 ton

Supply Ability:              40000 ton per Year

Port:                                FoShan China

Payment Terms:          T/T,Western Union,paypal
Type:        Airlaid paper                                                         Specific Use:  Good moisture absorption, diffusion,etc                                     General Use:    Sanitary napkins, Diapers, pads, etc 
Material:      Wood pulp+PP/PE fiber                                     Style:                    Roll type                                                                                                     Folded:                   Yes
Size:             Customizable                                                       Place of Origin:  FoShan China                                                                                          Brand Name:        MEIDEN 
Tension:      More than 11N(Customizable                          N.W(GS):             40g~70g/m²(Customizable)                                                            Color:                      White
Packing:      Customizable                                                       G.W(GS):             40g~70g/m²(Customizable)                                                             Absorbent ratio:  16.0 Times(Customizable)


The airlaid paper produced by our company has advanced technology, wood pulp fiber is easy to decompose and pollution-free to the environment. It can be mixed with SAP absorbent resin in a certain proportion to improve the performance of liquid absorption, featuring high elasticity, fluffiness, softness and drape. It has extremely high water absorption and good moisturizing performance. It is widely used in health care products (baby diapers, sanitary napkins, adult diapers, wet face towels, etc.) and special medical supplies, industrial cleaning products, etc.

Good moisture absorption, diffusion, no stratification, less dust
  Fluffy soft, good whiteness, good water permeability, ventilation

Model NO. Airlaid paper Color White
Disposable Disposable Application Sanitary napkins, Diapers, etc
Type Roll type Feature Good moisture absorption, diffusion,etc
Size 14cm~16cm Samples Free Offered
Place of Origin FoShan China Warranty 3 Years
Supply Ability 40000 ton per Year                     

Packaging Details

40HQ: 7Ton~8Ton

The airlaid paper produced by our company is made of American needle-leaf wool pulp as the main raw material and composite fiber as the auxiliary material. It adopts the dry paper making technology of air flow distribution and high temperature molding and is made by scientific mixing ratio. The product has the advantages of good liquid fluidity and balanced decomposition, high absorption performance, strong tensile strength, softness and comfort, etc. At the same time, the product also plays a certain role in the variable areas such as penetration, water retention, pad weight, etc.